I have been working for different government & social projects since 10 years. I have been in part of network of different government policy holders and different philanthropy, industries, Forums & institutions. I mostly worked in Social entrepreneurship domain.  I had worked as an Mentor for the Social entrepreneurship projects . Here are the few important  points  which I had used in my past work for  Successful  Social Startup.

  1.   Pick good co-founders — Also pick a great and talented diverse team
  2.    Launch fast, learn fast and move fast 
  3.   Let your   idea evolve
  4.   Understand your users — Every user is an evangelist of your product
  5.   Make your users love you
  6. Offer good customer service — I mean really really good, this is something you can be much better with than fully-grown companies
  7. You make what you measure
  8. Spend as little as possible — remember money can either something or everything.
  9.  Avoid distractions
  10.  Don’t get demoralized — believe in you, your team and on your vision no matter what!
  11.   Don’t give up — Obstacles on your startup are requirements for your achievements
  12. Deals fall through — Never stop trying and always be bold
  13. Engage through social media — must have!
  14. Get a very talented and open-minded design team
  15. Keep moving forward

Contact details

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