Corporate Experience
Sagar comes with an experience of 20+ years in Export-Import of Merchandise, Customs Brokerage, NVOCC, Shipping Line and Freight Forwarding. He has undergone intensive business coaching for thirty three months. He has led teams in cross-cultural environments and spent 9 years in New Delhi.

He started his career as an Export Executive with a 5 Star Merchant Export House. He later moved to Customs Brokerage, Shipping line, Import Freight Forwarding, NVOCC Operator servicing CIS region, Freight Forwarding with an USA based MNC and lastly with a well known AEO Certified company in Export-Import Freight Forwarding and Customs Brokerage.

Over the period of 22 years, he has worked in departments like Merchandise Procurement, Equipment Inventory Control, ODC Transportation, Business Development, Documentation, Customer Service, ISO Process Management, Recruitment and Training.

He has made overseas visit to Europe for Training and Agent development, besides visiting Pune and Varanasi for Campus recruitments.

Significant contribution
Sagar remained steadfast in continual implementation of ISO processes which led to methodical handling of day-to-day work across the organization, timely logging of customer complaints and subsequent reviews, improvising service quality and response time with customers and vendors alike. Given his multifaceted experience, he often imparted on-the-job training, did coaching and mentored his colleagues to cultivate a process oriented mind-set along with risk based thinking. Afterall, he firmly believes, having an eye for detail and change of mindset are the key drivers for professional and personal growth.

Sagar feels he was privileged to have worked in such diverse business environments under the tutelage of industry stalwarts and now wants to use this experience in supporting his clients bridge gaps from where they stand today to where they envision to be in future. 


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