A Marine Engineer by training, an Entrepreneur by nature and a Social Thinker, Anurag, rising to the position of Chief Engineer, left his merchant navy career after 15 years in 1995. He then moved ashore working at senior corporate positions in manufacturing, power and IT sectors, and eventually running his own companies in Animation, eLearning, Software and Media Production.

With an experience of four (4) start-ups, Anurag now mentors and advises entrepreneurs and social enterprises in identifying and implementing scalable, sustainable, high impact interventions in solving pressing challenges and helping create the ecosystem for the institution building. An Out-of-the-box thinker and change-agent having innate entrepreneurial leadership qualities within startup or enterprise environments and a demonstrated high degree of adaptability in multiple sectors, Anurag is involved with a variety of startups & social enterprises as an idea synthesizer and innovation conductor leading to strategic & tactical planning and investment & funding connect, drawing upon his sector-agnostic outlook.

He is also the visionary and founder of INDIA Redefined which has evolved into a PLATFORM, functioning like a System Integrator helping grassroots NGOs and volunteers.  Anurag has been a speaker on various public forums and seminars on topics ranging from Engineering, Applied Innovation & Entrepreneurship to CSR and is associated as a Director with SAP-InnovatioNext i360 Labs helping establish a network of industry 4.0 innovation labs in academia & industry to promote collaborative innovations.

Sector Expertise

  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • eLearning / EduTech
  • Aggregators & Platforms 6. Business Processes Expertise
  • Problem-Solution fit
  • Business Validation
  • Structuring of thoughts and ideas
  • Business modelling and business strategy
  • Scale-up strategy
  • Helping create Institution building ecosystem
  • Operations, systems & process
  • Capacity building
  • Program Design
  • Project Management
  • Collaborations

Areas of Interest & experience

  • Digital Healthcare/ mHealth
  • CleanTech AgriTech & Organic Farming
  • Content Development (Film, Animation, AR, VR)
  • Technology scouting, identification and assessment
  • Entrepreneurship Education
  • Innovation training for Industry 4.0

Contact details

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Phone number                 +91-98202 52205

Email Address                   anuragkanti@gmail.com

Location                            Gurgaon